May 28, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

General Information & Services to Students

Academic Information and Services

Academic Learning Support

Academic support is available to students and includes the following:

  • Math Lab
  • The Writing Center
  • Student Computer Center
  • Tutoring Support

Students can also find resources in the library.

College-Based Work Experience Program (CBWEP)

This course provides students an opportunity to participate in a supervised work environment with local employers in their area of study. Several programs at Cecil College offer a College-Based Work Experience Program (CBWEP). Students who plan to enroll in CBWEP should speak with faculty in their major or contact Career Services for further information.

Course Cancellations by the College

Every effort is made to contact students when classes are canceled due to low enrollment. Refunds will be granted and mailed to students who enrolled in a course that is canceled by the College.

The College reserves the right to cancel any registrations for which students have not complied with appropriate procedures, rules and regulations, and the financial requirements.

Course Load for Working Students

Students who are employed are advised to carry a reduced course load during the fall and/or spring semesters and summer session. Before registering for courses, students should contact their academic advisors.

Student Status

A full-time student is one enrolled for the equivalent of 12 credit hours or more. Students enrolled for fewer than 12 credit hours are classified as part-time.


Students who feel that they can justify carrying more than 18 semester hours, may petition to an academic advisor to register for more than 18 credit hours. A Course Overload Form may be obtained from the Registration Office.

Use of Electronic Devices in the Classroom

The use of electronic communications devices (headphones, cell phones, beepers/pagers, laptops, etc.) in the classroom (to include both incoming and outgoing transmissions), is prohibited, except as such use is required by the nature of the course itself and/or is authorized by the instructor. A student with disabilities may make an electronic transcript of class lectures provided that his/her case is evaluated by the ADA Coordinator and he/she is given permission to do so. The ADA Coordinator must inform the course instructor that the making of an electronic transcript of class lectures is per- mitted under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In all such cases, the electronic recording of the class must not include class discussions, peer/group discussions, and any other student presentations; consequently, the electronic recording device must be turned off during such classroom activities.

Student Resources

Numerous resources are made available to students and include the following:


MyCecil provides 24/7 access to the most pertinent information and resources students need to be successful at Cecil College. MyCecil is a secure web environment that provides personalized access to the following campus resources: registration and payment, e-mail and Blackboard access, grades, course schedules and transcripts, events and calendars, campus announcements, clubs and athletics, and faculty information and contacts.

Student Insurance

Detailed information regarding student health insurance can be found at

Transfer of Cecil College Credits to a Home College/University

Students currently enrolled elsewhere who wish to earn credits at Cecil College for transfer back to their home college or university should obtain advance written approval from the appropriate academic office of their home college. Without this documentation, students may be required to take Cecil’s skills assessments.

Campus Life

The Student Life office offers a variety of options for current students to become active on campus, including, but not limited to:

Campus Information and Services

Visitors and students can find detailed information about campus locations and services available at the following links:

Campus Buildings and Facilities

The use of College buildings and facilities by individual community members and groups within the prescribed educational objectives of the institution is invited, subject to availability. Please contact the Conference Center at (410) 287-1071 for fee structure and availability.

Visitors are required to report to the Information Desk in the Community Cultural Center. The College reserves the right to require identification from anyone who enters or uses the facilities. In accordance with Maryland law, people refusing to leave the premises after being duly warned and whose presence interferes with or contributes to the interference of the normal functions of the College and its activities will be subject to prosecution.

Fragrance Free Statement

Cecil College strives to maintain an environment comfortable for all. As a courtesy to employees and students who express sensitivity to fragrances, the College requests that students and staff please refrain from wearing scented products on campus. Employees should also refrain from using air fresheners or other products with fragrances in their offices and classrooms. The College deeply appreciates student and staff cooperation and support.

Identification Cards

Students enrolled in credit classes will be provided a Student Identification Card. The card may be obtained from the Registration Office at the North East Campus and Elkton Station. The ID card identifies Cecil College students for participation in campus activities and College-sponsored programs, and entitles students to use campus facilities, including the Math Lab, computer labs, and Physical Education Complex.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is located in the College Security Office:

  • North East Campus - Arts and Sciences Building, second floor, room 226
  • Elkton Station - third floor, room 330

Parking and Transportation

The College provides free parking to all students, visitors and staff. There are numerous conveniently located parking spaces for disabled motorists, which may be used with any valid state-issued handicap parking placard or registration. There are several College permit parking spaces available for temporary use for those with short-term needs due to injury, etc. See the safety and security director on the North East Campus in the Technology Center, room 203 for details. The College parking lots are well marked with Fire Lanes, Handicapped Parking spaces, and No Parking areas that are to be observed and respected by all motorists. Unless specifically indicated by security or facilities personnel, parking is restricted to the paved areas of the parking lots. All parking regulations are enforced by towing at the owner’s expense.