May 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Catalog Overview

Cecil College is here to help you find your pathway to higher education and or meaningful employment. This catalog will assist you through your academic journey and help guide your college experience.

Academic Program Offerings

Learn about our Program of Study by Department . Each program page will provide you with a description of the degree or certificate, information about transfer opportunities, general education course requirements, specific program course requirements, and a recommended sequence of courses by semester to help guide you. New students are encouraged to connect with our Admissions Office to get started.

Continuing Education & Workforce Development offers courses, events, programs and certifications to a variety of audiences. Check out the array of offerings in academic preparation, adult and senior programming, business and career training, personal and commercial driver training, online classes and youth programs.

Course Offerings

Course selection is easy. View the entire selection of courses in the Course Descriptions  of this site or, within each program of study you will find links to course descriptions with detailed scheduling information. You can even see information about required textbooks at this location.

Transfer and Career Services Guidance

Cecil’s goal is to assist you with a smooth transition to a four-year institution or into a career. Our Advising staff will provide information on the more than 800 transfer agreements, and the Career and Job Placement Services staff will help guide you toward just the right occupational field.

How to Get Started at Cecil

Most importantly, your success begins when you connect with our Admissions Office. Representatives are available to assist you in getting started on the right path.


The Cecil College catalog will be published online on an annual basis. New programs and courses will be updated throughout the year and may be found in the Catalog Addendum  portion of this document. Students should always consult with an academic advisor to ensure that decisions are being made using the most current information.